The general characteristics of the population

Alright so this has just been mind-boggling for me. For the past few days I’ve been thinking about the overlapping characteristics in humans such as love for sex of course, need for companionship, yaadi yaadi yaada. But what about the more personal traits. The more common three(which I like to call the three S’s) being sarcasm, stubborness, and shyness. That’s right. Now there are more but I’ll have to think about that further. What I do know is that sarcasm has a wide fan base. Why? Could it be because it is an enemy to highly sensitive people who’ll take that to heart? Perhaps! Sarcasm I guess is a mechanism to raise confidence. In our subconcious nature, although we are fully unaware at times, we tend to poke fun at others or hurt someone else’s self-esteem just to elevate ours without even realizing it. And so we resort to sarcasm!

Alright now moving on to stubborness. The ego is the primary shield for many of us and we tend to flaunt it by becoming stubborn. For instance, if we decide to catch the midnight showing of Mission Impossible – Ghost Protocol with our girlfriend but then all of sudden it’s sold out, we become so infuriated that we don’t wanna watch any other movie, because we made up our minds and that’s that. End of story! Our girlfriends keep nagging us into watching another movie and we’re all like: “Screw that! We’re going home”, until finally, they manage to whisk us away out of desperation. There are several other examples of course of how we portray stubborness. But what I do know is that every individual has varying degrees of it. It’s just one of those innate qualities I guess. This part of the knowledge Adam and Eve acquired after taking a bite out of the apple? That their minds become fixated towards some thing very easily? Who knows? Could be…I guess the apple doesn’t fall too far from the tree! I guess we can all say that we’re stubborn about having sex when we desire it huh? Haha…

And finally there’s shyness. Shyness is definitely one of those shards of knowlegde that Adam and Eve absorbed. Because we all are shy at times, some more than others. Where does shyness stem from? Is it lack of self-confidence?, Fear of rejection? As people, we all tend to feel insecure once in a while, and our self-worths’ are questioned. It’s human nature to feel like the other person may not want to talk to you, or perhaps you’re just not worth their time when you clearly wanna approach them and say hi! Anyway these are just some of the common traits I’ve noticed from my friends’, acquaintances’, coworkers’, and family’s circle.

I remember now: The last trait I’ve noticed is diligence! But then again we all have families to feed, bills to pay;  so yeah that’s a societal expectation. So why don’t I scratch out diligence and type in judgemental. We’re all  judgemental at times whether we know it or not. We can only relate to our own realities, our own hell. Nothing else truly matters to us deep inside, so we start to criticize the other persons’ problem or hell without even bothering to understand their situation. Thinking that our situation is far worse and so we start to complain about that instead putting the other person down.

So in conclusion, the five common characteristics of the general population are:


2. stubborness

3. shyness

4. diligence

5. judgemental

There may be other common traits but I’ll save that for a future topic. I may even take concepts from this post and start a blog entry for my “psychology of dating”  blog. If you would like the website for that here it is:

Feel free to debate the above thoughts with me by leaving a comment below


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