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The worst is over!

January 25, 2011

Well, it’s finally over……or at least I think it’s over….but I dunno I feel like I’m in denial about whether I’m already in the rejuvenation phase of my first year of teaching. All I can say is that it doesn’t feel that way for now. And they say that it begins in January. January what? I know October to December was choatic and I was in complete shock over the entire business of teaching! It’s almost like getting trapped in a whirlwind except towards the end of the year you’re able to escape it. What with juggling parental contact, along with classroom management, discipline, and the mountains full of paperwork associate with, and that to the number 1,000,001, it’s no wonder the teaching field can be one of the most strenuous careers out there. If you think that with the summers and winters off it would be the top job to get according to the Forbes most attractive jobs think again.

But on a positive note it has also been very stimulating for me. I’ve learnt so much the only thing missing is applying all that newfound knowledge. Sadly, such things have to be learnt through slogging dirt which is what I’ve pretty much been doing minus the planning heheh. Planning can be such a bitch especially when you have all these disciplinary issues with the students and no one even bothers to assist you with them. So I guess the key is to block off all those issues the minute I get home just so I don’t have to constantly dwell on them while prepping for the following days lesson. It is said that no job is f***** easy. (Pardon the asterick). And teaching a room full of hormone-driven rugrats is evidence and so not to the contrary!! Part of me had to graze through that at times sickening, brown grass to realize that all the kids are seeking to do is just find that shiny button inside you so they can push it as they please. And when they find it it’s so left field from carpe diem! And so you have to be as strict as hell the first three weeks of schools to ensure that they don’t find it. The point is that you just have to learn things the hard way.

Tomorrow will be a breezy day I hope. The forecast calls for a partially cloudy/sunny day, with the exception of my two worst classes in the afternoon. Nothing like some afternoon delight. Yeah right! And I know I’ve gotta plan so I’ll have to get to it. Somehow it takes a lot outta me to plan the next day only to fear that the class will talk over me; which is what has been happening anyway. So once again: Shut those fears out and quit fighting for control. Instead, seek out more creative techniques in getting those kids attention. The key here is to shelve your inhibitions and obliterate them when the time is right!