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My “Bourne Identity”

November 21, 2010

I’m feeling loads of regret right now. I shouldn’t have bailed out on that Diwali function early. As it is I’ve been feeling bouts of emptiness not being around my people. I know it all started when I chose to go to my home high school and not the away high school where Indians and Asians are plentiful! Had I boarded that damn school bus every day to Science Academy I’m sure I would’ve continued to feel connected to my culture. I would’ve grown up with some Indians while going to high school but life didn’t go that way for me.  Like for instance today I may go Latin dancing with some friends but I ain’t no Mexican!! It’s funny how all of my friends have also been involved in this crusade indirectlly. Each and every one of them has this urge to question me about Indians and their lifestyle expecting me to know. It only makes sense I’am Indian. But perhaps I don’t want my non-Indian friends to think that I’m Indian. Whenever another desi asserts that I’m Indian I feel indifferent towards it but when a White or Hispanic charges at me with that I get offended outta the blue! Maybe I should become a comic about my own culture so this way I can use that as a shield when someone tries to pepper spray me with questions about Indians. There we go! Just like Russell Peters or some other Indian comedian would.