Teaching rocks and blows at the same time

So it’s been nine weeks into the job and I must say I’ve grown a lot as a teacher and as an individual. Kids thrive on an equal dose of sustenance and toughness. And negligence can only lead to the teachers downfall. This past month and a half has been quite the rollercoaster, being anxiety-ridden each night worrying about how the students will behave the next day. Discipline management is the most difficult part of being a teacher. It’s like you wanna teach the class and you expect the students to listen quietly but most of the times that’s not how a classroom will operate. You have to constantly nip them in their butts one they’re talking or being disruptive; otherwise their behavior will only escalate. NO DUH?! They’re kids right? While it’s the ultimate joy ride for them it’s like DOOMSDAY for us, and we can’t give up. Us teachers are mandated to stick together at all times. Some of the things that may work to our advantage are technology such as an interactive white board. A Powerpoint presentation is like a runner-up but would it be just as effective? Because I’ll be using it for the first time Monday and I must say I’m quite hyped up about it. I know my kids will be actively engaged with the lessons if I were to mix it up with videos and examples that pertain to their interests. But what kind of examples can I present to Freshman class that relate the most to algebraic concepts? For instance, right now we’re going over graphs and linear functions.

I was thinking perhaps I could construct an activity for the students where they could see what linear functions are all about. These students are a wild bunch and don’t want to be in school so that makes our job only more challenging as we need to come up with activities that make them wanna be present. Another drawback of my district is that many of them prefer speaking in Spanish over English. I know it sounds crazy but it is a border town. You’d think that Progreso should be the Spanish term for Progress but it’s not. It’s just happened to be the name of an ordinary town in the state of Texas all the way down South touching the tip of Mexico! And across the Rio Grande.

The administration can be very political and it can be daunting for a first time teacher like me. You have disciplinary problems in class and students refuse to make up for missing assignments but at the end of the day all administration wants to see is the numbers. What your passing rate is and what the Standardized tests passing rates are? I do wanna make them happy, so does that mean I should half-ass it only so the troublemakers and struggling students get high grades or do I sugarcode it? The other side, which is administration, can be very lucid for most teachers!


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