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Manu Ginobli as Batman

November 5, 2009

GINOBLI. GINOBLI.GINOBLI.GINOBLI.GINOBLI.GINOOOOOBBBLLLIIII. The man’s so friggin awesome you could say it an infinite number of times! And turns out his swish radios signals to bats as one bat came flying towards Ginobli sitting comfortably on his shoulder. After possibly injecting it’s fangs into his Argentinian sweat the bat flies away which leaves one question: Does Manu have rabies or would this bite instill in him superpowers?? We’re yet to find out. He got tested and the tests did come out negative. But if he were to be infected what he transmitted it to the entire San Antonio Spurs organization. *bites nails* wouldn’t wanna resurrect a new Spurs team now would we. With Richard Jefferson now break dancing in the house we wouldn’t wanna exhange the team for the world. It was love at first sight when I read the article about the friendly bat? and Ginobli.  Loved it so much that I may actually start to call him Batman. Hey look, it’s a Spanish dude. It’s a bada$$ player. No it’s BATMAN!!! Look out for him in future Batman trilogies.